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If you are in legal limbo with the IRS, you may need a Tax Attorney. Tax Attorneys are lawyers who specialize in the complex and technical field of tax law. Tax Attorneys best know how to handle legal tax questions and challenges. At TRC, no unlicensed individual will work on your case. You will always be in the professional care of experienced tax professionals who know how to deal with both the IRS and the various State Taxing Agencies.

Our Tax Attorneys focus their practice on representing taxpayers who are seeking tax relief from federal and state tax debts. Precise service and legal tax expertise can help you bring an end to your IRS tax nightmare. It takes an experienced tax professional to resolve certain issues involving IRS tax debts. In addition, IRS tax debts require immediate action. If you wait your tax problem will only get worse and your tax debt will only increase in size as the penalties and the interest continue to accrue.

To collect a tax debt, the IRS has multiple weapons it can use to attach to your financial and personal life. Beyond the intimidating notices and telephone calls, the IRS employs tax liens, tax levies, wage garnishments and asset seizure to make sure your tax debt is paid in full. As the largest collection agency in the world, the IRS will not stop until a tax debt has been resolved. In our computerized age, the IRS never forgets and never just goes away until your tax debt is resolved.

To protect yourself, your home, and your job from this IRS arsenal, it is important to have a tax professional on your side. Our tax professionals understand the complexity of the IRS collection process. We offer many tax relief services, including: offers in compromise; installment agreements; non-collectible status; bank levy release; wage garnishment release; and many more remedies that focus on Federal and State tax laws and policies.

A Tax Lawyer is bound by the attorney/client confidentiality law, which protects you. As a direct result, they are not able to discuss your case, your finances or other privileged information with anyone. In addition, a Tax Attorney knows the ins and outs of the law–including staying up to date on statutes and requirements for both businesses and individuals. Many IRS tax problems involve complicated legal issues that must be analyzed in order to properly advise a client regarding all of their options. Your Tax Attorney can prevent serious potential legal problems and get you the best possible IRS dispute resolution.

If you are receiving certified letters or phone calls from the IRS, you need to know about your numerous options and resources available, from a person you can trust.

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