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Praise From Our Clients

We often get compliments from our clients after we have helped them get their company back to profitability or resolved their tax issues; it’s one of the reasons we love what we do. Below is just a small selection of the letters we receive from satisfied clients.

It’s very important that you do your research before hiring a tax resolution company because, sadly, there are a lot of frauds in this industry passing themselves off as reputable businesses.

We want you to check us out because we are proud of our record and we stand behind our work.  An educated buyer understands that not all tax resolution companies are the same and the person who represents you matters. We have been in the business 10 years and have zero complaints with the Better Business Bureau.

Check out what our clients have to say about us. Then, we’ll tell you how you can check out any company that contacts you by following these simple steps:

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Tax Liability Reduced by 93%

Dear: Mr. Sharp: 

It is with great appreciation that we are writing this letter to communicate how thankful we are to you and your company for the manner in which you assisted us. As our liaison, Diane Martin provided timely responses, excellent insight and did so with a wonderful disposition.

Without question your expertise, professionalism and overall customer support were of the highest quality and invaluable in addressing our tax issues.

The savings were immense, having reduced our tax liability by 93% of our original tax burden. We without doubt or any equivocation would be willing to recommend you to others in similar circumstances.

Thank you again for your assistance!


K.E.J III, Arkansas


Financial Barriers

Please accept my most heart-felt appreciation for the outstanding work you did in successfully securing numerous IRS abatements for the Children’s Academy.

TRC’s performance was outstanding resulting in 100 percent more in abatement dollars than we anticipated. You were also patient and understanding while we struggled through our financial barriers in getting you paid in a timely manner, which was worth every penny.

Thank you for helping our children and for doing what you do best for others like us who need you.

Best Regards,

Peggy C, PhD

Vice President


From Being Burned by Frauds to a Reduction in Liability of $96,000

This letter is meant for Tax Resolution Center, Inc. and more specifically to Christopher (Kip) Sharp, President and CEO. And I hardly know where to begin to thank you, so let me set out the service you provided for my wife and me.

You accepted our case after I had wasted almost 2 years and significant money with “Tax Masters” only to find that they were frauds and left me in worse shape with the IRS than when I began.

The threats intensified. I responded to an advertisement by one of your competitors in Colorado, who, I believe, thought we were beyond help, and gave me your name.

For a nominal fee, you immediately handled all correspondence from the IRS, stopped the threats and began a long and intense period of negotiations and professional effort.  You also provided all forms required by the IRS as the process moved along and spoke confidently of the probable outcome.  The result of your effort and  expertise is a reduction of my liability from approximately $100,000 to slightly more than $4,000 with an easy payment plan!

You and your staff are true professionals, and along with our admiration, Sue and I also regard you as friends.

Thank you again, and God Bless 

Ken and Sue B.

Ponder, TX 


Skeptical of Resolution Companies


I am writing to express my gratitude and appreciation for the most favorable outcome my IRS issue could have had.

I learned of your company, I was immediately skeptical, but after some further research online and off, I learned you were a solid agency with experienced tax lawyers and experts.

I was living in California and owned a dying business with unpaid payroll and withholding taxes and unfiled returns.

I had minimal income and few prospects of paying that debt. I had nowhere to turn.

Your company guided me through closing down my business, filing final state and federal tax returns, and acted as intermediary with the IRS, in essence, fielding their questions and diverting their action away from what could have become a relentless pattern of harassment on their part.

The fees you charged were more than fair and reasonable. I never once felt overcharged.

Thank you for peace of mind and restful sleep.  Please feel free to use this letter as a testimonial for your agency.




Quick and Equitable Solution

Dear Kip Sharp,

On behalf of my wife and me, we would truly like to express a word of thanks to you, your staff and Tax Resolution Center, Inc. in our recent dealings with the Internal Revenue Service.

You were able to take what started out as a major tax liability problem and work a quick and equitable solution with the IRS on our taxes. It goes without saying you did a great job, and saved us roughly $40,000 in penalties and interest.

It will definitely be our great pleasure to recommend your company to others who may find themselves in the same set of circumstances with the IRS as we did. Your professional and personal manner was great in alleviating our fears and concerns over the potential levies and garnishments.

Wishing you and your staff a great and wonderful day.

Sincerely Yours,


G.W. McGuire and D. McGuire.


Liability of over $1.6 Million settled for $76,000

To Whom It May Concern,

I was faced with past payroll taxes that were over $450,000 and which with penalties and interest ballooned to over $1.6M. While exploring possible solutions I quickly realized that this was not a matter that I could resolve without professional assistance. I found the Tax Resolution Center and my case was assigned to Mr. Sharp.

Mr. Sharp immediately understood my situation and all of the complexities of an LLC-based payroll tax issue. He clearly outlined our potential options and made a strong recommendation to pursue an Offer in Compromise. Mr. Sharp provided clear explanations regarding each option and we agreed to move forward with an OIC.

Mr. Sharp was very open about the length of time that the process would take due to the IRS’s response times and about the various tactics that they could use (collections, liens, levies, etc.). Mr. Sharp remained undaunted as the case worked through the bureaucracy of the IRS. His technical knowledge of the procedures of the OIC process as well as his interpersonal skills with the various officers was invaluable.

Throughout the process Mr. Sharp was always available to answer any questions or just to provide a steadying presence. Many times during the years there were very long periods of waiting for a response from the IRS and Mr. Sharp always understood the anxiety I felt. When responses were due to the IRS he acted in an organized and efficient manner.

I can confidently recommend the Tax Resolution Center without any doubts to anyone that is facing a daunting issue with the IRS. I am certain that I achieved the optimal possible outcome with their assistance.

Joshua S.


Attorney Referral of Business

Dear Mr. Sharp:

It is with sincere appreciation that I write to thank you for providing us with that rare and elusive commodity of exceptional professional service.  Your willingness and ability to immediately tackle a complex and pressing tax matter for one of our long standing clients here in Pennsylvania was greatly appreciated.  On short notice and under trying circumstances, your office demonstrated a level of great skill and effectiveness for which you and your staff are to be highly commended.

Working with you and the Tax Resolution Center was a genuine pleasure and I am most inclined to recommend your services and those of your firm in matters of this nature which come to us in the future.

Thank you again for the outstanding service and I look forward to the next time my office may refer future business to yours.


Robert C., Atty.