Tax Problems

Many IRS and State tax issues are complicated because accurate information isn’t always easy to find. Most taxpayers don’t feel comfortable calling the IRS or State to discuss their tax payment problems and their options to get back on track. If you have an extenuating tax problem, Tax Resolution Center, Inc. can discuss your options with you and be your best advocate to help solve it for you.


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Below are a few of the tax problems that you may be experiencing, or which you could experience if you fall further behind on your taxes.

Wage Garnishment

A tax levy or wage garnishment is the legal seizure of your property to satisfy your tax debt, where your employer is forced to pay your IRS back taxes before you get paid. This could make it harder for you to pay for other daily expenses. Prevent this from happening by calling Tax Resolution Center today.

Tax Liens

A Tax Lien is a claim to your property as security to satisfy your debt. The government has the right to put a lien on your property if taxes, interest, or penalties aren’t paid. A lien will hurt your credit and put your personal life and assets at risk. However, regardless of your situation, there are options to settle your debt.

Payroll Tax Problems

If you’re a business owner and made mistakes with your payroll taxes, the problems can snowball if you don’t bring your business back to current status and start immediate action moving toward resolution. Penalties and interest will continue to accrue. We can help you get back into compliance and find a manageable resolution strategy that fits your cash flow.

Tax Penalties

There are a variety of types of tax penalties you may experience. The most common include: Failure to File, Failure to Pay, or Failure to Deposit. To make matters worse, once you owe back taxes the interest and penalties compound daily at a very rapid rate. Procrastination is your biggest enemy.

Tax Levy

An IRS or State Tax Levy can deduct funds from your savings, checking accounts, IRA, Retirement and Social Security. This can be avoided through prompt and proper communication with the IRS or State. We are experts at dealing with the IRS and State and can help you find a manageable resolution. Being proactive can save you a tremendous amount of grief and money.

State Tax Issues

State collection agencies are smaller than the IRS. They usually react faster to tax problems and can often be more aggressive. State back tax problems should be prioritized ahead of IRS. The resolution strategies are similar to those with the IRS. We can help find the best relief option for your situation. Please call for a complimentary proposal 1-877-415-9100

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