Calculate Your Potential IRS Tax Debt


Calculate Your Potential IRS and/or State Tax Debt.

Enter the numbers in the calculator below to compute the total compound Penalty and Interest of your tax debt over 1 to 5 years.

It will only cost you more if you don’t move forward and deal with your back tax issues today. Did you know, you’re accruing penalties and interest at the rate of approximately 30% compounded daily, 35.5% APR?

Tax Resolution Center, Inc. is attorney owned and operated. It’s very important that you have an attorney represent you before the collection division of the IRS and/or State. We protect your rights and represent your best interest to arrive at the best possible resolution. The only thing more expensive than a professional is an amateur.

Example – You owe $145,000 x 30% Penalties and Interest compounded daily = $182,000. In this example your debt grew $37,000 in one year. Enter your tax debt x 30% x one year.