How to Check Out a Company’s Reputation

There are a lot of frauds passing themselves off as reputable businesses–both in the tax resolution industry and elsewhere. Do your due diligence and don’t hire anyone until you know whom you’re dealing with.

It’s extremely important you check out any company that contacts you by following these steps.


If you don’t know which BBB the company is listed with, go to the National Better Business Bureau:


At the National BBB Search Box:   City and State/Province OR Postal Code,  enter the Zip Code for the company you’re looking for. Example: our Zip Code 80301 will take you to the Denver/Boulder BBB where Tax Resolution Center, Inc. is listed. We are a ten year old business, attorney owned and operated. We have served thousands of clients, saved them millions of dollars over the years. We are A+ Rated with the BBB and show Zero complaints. We are very proud of our record and it takes a lot of hard work and a very high success rate to maintain that kind of a record. We will work just as hard for you!


In the search box enter the company name you are looking for. Example:  Tax Resolution Center.


When you get to the companies listing don’t just look at their Rating and the number of complaints listed on the home page. You MUST go one more step to get the true story and this is the most important step. At the top of the page you see a Green Link bar. Click on the box  COMPLAINTS  This where you will see what former clients have to say about this company. In most cases it’s very revealing and can help guide you in making a proper choice and reach the correct resolution. A tax problem is a big enough problem without hiring another set of problems.