1. How Can Tax Resolution Center Help Me?

As soon as we take over your case, our attorneys move forward to protect you and your assets. We start by getting up to date with you and your business and we find out exactly what your situation is with the IRS and/or State.

Here at Tax Resolution Center, Inc., we want to give you the tools to help your business thrive. We help you improve your cash flow so that you don’t have these issues in the future. We show you how to stay current and compliant, because if you keep falling behind with your current taxes, your liability will just keep adding up. The IRS becomes very aggressive with people who aren’t paying their current taxes, and will move to shut down your business. We want this to be the last time you or your company has to deal with the stress of a tax liability. At Tax Resolution Center, Inc., we get it right the first time!

2. Are all you tax resolution companies the same?

No, not all tax resolution companies are the same. Many companies assign your case to an enrolled agent or a paralegal instead of to a tax attorney, and then bill you at the rate of an attorney. Here at Tax Resolution Center, Inc., your case is handled in-house by a licensed attorney.

Many tax resolution companies have boiler rooms full of slick-talking salespeople who use aggressive scare tactics to try to coerce you into signing up for their services. We’re not trying to scare you; we will treat you with honesty and respect. We understand the severity of a tax debt liability and will explain it so that you can understand it too. We listen to your story and offer the best possible solution for your individual case.

We have been in this business 10 years and are the proud holders of an A+ rating with the BBB with zero complaints. When working with the largest collection agency in the world, it’s essential to have informed attorneys on your side. We know how the IRS works. We take over all communication with the IRS and/or State and keep you up to date throughout the entire process of your tax resolution. Plus, we offer this No Risk Guarantee on every contract we prepare:

We are so confident of our ability to resolve your tax issue that if for any reason you are not satisfied with our services within the first two weeks of hiring us, we will refund all fees paid. Also, as an attorney owned and operated company we guarantee you will work directly with one of our attorneys from start to finish.

We are here to help you!

3. How much do you cost? Do you offer a flat fee?

Each case is different and here at Tax Resolution Center, Inc., we offer competitive rates and quality service. In order to give you a fair and accurate quote, we have to know the details of your case.

We do not offer a flat fee. A flat fee is a deception. How is somebody going to quote you a flat fee if they don’t know your case? Imagine calling a mechanic because your car isn’t working. The mechanic quotes you a flat fee of $5,000 without knowing what’s wrong with your car and it turns out you need a new battery. Or he quotes you a fee of $50 and it turns out you need a new engine. Offering a flat fee for a tax issue is the same thing.

We’re fair and honest and we work hard to earn your trust – and that doesn’t mean deceiving you at the get-go with feel-good lies.